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Asset Management

When was the last time you committed the time to reviewing your infrastructure support model? If it has been a while you might be paying for equipment no longer in productive use. Or, even worse, you may be at risk from an uncovered critical system.


Do you have too little time and too few resources?

As your company adopts and installs new technologies, the complexity of your tech support and maintenance program grows. You might have dozens of original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance providers servicing your hardware and software. Managing so many vendors is not just a logistical challenge, it can consume your time and set you behind on other more important projects. How much time is wasted? On average, IT staff members spend 40% of their time performing maintenance tasks – about 800 hours per year, per employee. LRS® IT Solutions can give you back precious time and apply ordered administration to your maintenance program.

How can LRS IT Solutions Help?

Our lifecycle management experts can help you understand the details regarding your current coverage programs and services. Our Lifecycle Management Review process takes the time to methodically analyze inventory reports, service levels, coverage locations, and contract terms. We collaborate with your team to Identify and prioritize the challenges of your current IT infrastructure support model and define your optimized support program. Once this analysis is complete we will make recommendations regarding your coverage model and build an action plan to stay up to date.

Our approach is OEM agnostic

OEM IT Asset Management tools can give you a comprehensive snapshot of installed equipment and their corresponding coverages. However, they rarely provide enough valuable information on other OEMs. Third-party tools are capable of scanning an entire network and returning information about installed devices, but will not give a clear picture of how the equipment is covered. Our approach combines both OEM and third-party tools with any other reports or information available. We combine and clean the data into one easy to understand format, regardless of OEM.

What are some of the benefits?

  • We simplify tracking your assets – With our LRS Asset Management Portal (LAMP) tracking and managing contracts takes less time and adds peace of mind. There’s no more guessing what’s covered and what’s not.
  • We can save you money – Identifying equipment that no longer needs to be covered, right-sizing your service levels, and recommending alternate coverage models puts money back in your budget.
  • We put you in control – Our lifecycle approach helps you extend the life of your OEM equipment. Upgrade and replace on a schedule that meets your business needs, not theirs.