Levi, Ray & Shoup, Inc.

At LRS Security Solutions, we focus on building relationships with our customers, understanding their pain points, and using that information to create managed services that provide customer value. Our technical teams have the skills, certifications, and knowledge necessary to expertly manage customer environments. These managed environments can be in the cloud, or on customer premises, and span a wide variety of technology offerings.

SIEM (Security Information and Event Monitoring)

A centralized solution for real-time incident monitoring and threat detection.

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Vulnerability Scanning and Assessment

A focused security engagement that consists of internal and external vulnerability scanning, Active Directory security assessment, and boundary firewall security evaluation.

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MDR (Managed Detection and Response

Our MDR service combines technology and human expertise to rapidly identify and limit the impact of threats without the need for additional staffing.

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Networking and Networking Security

Our Networking and Networking Security solutions are comprised of a variety of applications and configurations, designed to target individual threats and prevent disruption or damage to the underlying infrastructure of a network.

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