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When was the last time you changed a password?

9/25/2019 by Matt Cadwell

By Matt Cadwell

It’s safe to say that your online credentials have been stolen at some point. It’s just as safe to say that, if you are anything like the majority of online users, you share passwords across sites (tsk-tsk).

In fact, according to a study by telesign.com, 73% of online users reuse passwords across sites. What’s scarier, 47% of users haven’t changed their passwords in over five years! When did you last change a password?

Considering over 80% of hackers use stolen credentials, this leads to a very serious problem. Take a moment and think about your password reuse. Consider the domino effect of exposure when your credentials have been stolen. Concerned? You should be.

Let’s face it, the archaic practice of depending solely on usernames and passwords is outdated, insecure, and downright neglectful.

That’s where Multifactor Authentication (MFA) comes into play. MFA is the concept of adding at least one extra layer of authentication, most commonly a second factor (2FA) in addition to a username & password. There are three components of MFA: Something you know (password). Something you have (phone/code/app push). Something you are (biometric). Successful multifactor authentication requires at least two of these layers.

Chances are, you are already using MFA. Whether it’s an online service sending a one-time verification code to your phone, entering a PIN after swiping a debit card, or perhaps in more advanced environments, providing a fingerprint. As more online services begin to provide MFA, we should be adopting and taking advantage of it as quickly as possible in both our personal and professional life. When coupled with strong, unique, and rotating passwords, MFA will make your online identity immensely more secure.

MFA is, without a doubt, one of the lowest cost and highest impact technologies you can implement in your company. There are many solutions available for MFA, but by and large LRS IT Solutions recommends DUO. Recently acquired by Cisco, DUO is making a major impact in the MFA space. Available in several editions, it’s a feature rich solution that is easy to implement and manage.

To find out how MFA can benefit your organization, fill out the form below to get a free consultation with our security team.

About the author

Matt Cadwell is an Information Security Architect for LRS IT Solutions. He holds a GPEN certification from Global Information Assurance Certification (GIAC) and has been invited to serve on the GIAC Advisory Board. Matt’s IT experience spans government, manufacturing, financial services, and other industries.