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2/14/2019 by LRS IT Solutions

Did you know that IBM has been in the virtualization business since the mid 1960’s? It’s true, so anyone thinking the idea behind VMware is the newest and greatest thing since sliced bread hasn’t studied their history.

Lucky for you, Sam Cohen knows his virtualization history. He’s our IBM Z Consultant, and he also knows what’s up with virtualization today, especially where Z systems are concerned.

You can attend Sam’s session at the upcoming SHARE Conference in Phoenix. It’s called “z/VM Concepts: An Introduction for z/OS and Linux administrators.” Just click here to see the session description.

During Sam’s presentation, you’ll hear how z/VM can create virtual devices that don’t have a physical equivalent on the running system, which is different from Logical Partitions.

SHARE will be held March 10-15, and it’s a one-stop shop for enterprise IT education! Register for the conference, and make plans for Sam’s presentation!