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Don’t get hooked by a Phishing expedition

10/26/2017 by LRS IT Solutions

Today’s cyber hackers are becoming increasingly clever and sophisticated in their methods to penetrate your defenses, stealing identities and your valuable data.

Among their more devious strategies is Phishing, tricking end users by sending them emails with attachments and url links that look legitimate.

With just a click or two, an employee can easily unleash a payload of malware that can log keystrokes, compromise identities, or even lay dormant for a time – only to emerge at a later time to replicate itself and spread throughout your network. To make matters worse. Phishing and ransomware often work together, exposing your data to encryption and crippling your business.

Even the best technologies can be overcome by what is often the weakest link your cyber security defense chain – the human factor. While 78% of people claim to be aware of the risks of unknown links in emails, they click anyway.

Have any of your employees ever clicked on a link or attachment, only to discover the sender was not who they assumed it was? If they have, how would you know?

Many times, malware may lay hidden for months as data is slowly exfiltrated – and breaches may go undiscovered until significant loss of sensitive data has occurred. Or worse, you receive a message indicating your computer has been locked and your data encrypted – and your only recourse is to restore backed up data while your business stands still, or the unthinkable – paying the ransom in untraceable Bitcoins.

Our security experts have deep expertise in testing your organization for vulnerabilities to Phishing attacks. We can also test and protect your systems using state of the art technology to determine if you’ve been breached, and help protect you from further harm.

And we can train your users to recognize and avoid Phishing emails.

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