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Check all five boxes

9/10/2020 by LRS IT Solutions

When your organization needs to get a better handle on IT costs, free up the IT staff from the daily grind of keeping the environment running, or starting to strategize your digital transformation, it’s time to shop for a Managed Services Provider.

Broadly speaking, Managed Services provide IT expertise and targeted support capabilities to an organization’s IT environment. Managed Services are often provided remotely, and can encompass almost every IT category, from network infrastructure to help desk, to desktop/end-user systems support.

But don’t get the idea that Managed Services are some sort of IT commodity and that it doesn’t matter which MSP you engage. You really need to shop around to ensure the provider you choose has the necessary chops to manage your requirements.

If you’re wondering how to shop for a good MSP, we suggest that you use the following list to evaluate MSPs:

  • 24x7 availability
  • End-to-end IT management
  • Expertise in cloud, hybrid, and on-prem environments
  • Capability for continuous improvement, not just keeping the lights on
  • Security expertise

Think of those bullets as checkboxes. Once you’ve found an MSP that can check all 5 boxes – ALL 5 of them – there’s still an important aspect of Managed Services to understand: flexibility.

Start off with some of the services you need, such as cybersecurity monitoring, and grow or add services as you identify specific needs or as your organization grows.

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